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Lifestyle Dictates Your Motivation

Motivation lifestyle changes.Have you ever waken up in the morning knowing your life is going to be the same like yesterday? It is as if you already know how your life is going to be without even starting your day. Well, this is probably due to your motivation.

Motivation is defined as the willingness to do something and reasons why a behavior is acted in a certain way. Notice the key words here: willingness, reasons, and behavior. To be willing to do something, you must have a strong reason to act upon it and your behavior dictates it. Thus, in order to boost-up your motivation, you have to work within these boundaries.

You can’t change time since time is uncontrollable. Changing your occupation requires a big change and causes you to become unemployment which really goes nowhere. Buying materialistic items don’t really help since it is short-term and only makes you want more. Well, if you haven’t guessed it, it is changing your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle dictates your motivation in life. It is how you decide and how you direct yourself to live that helps you get that motivation. It sounds ridiculous, but it is not. Here is why.

By changing just small aspects of your life, you will feel life is a bit different. It can be from waking up 10 minutes earlier than your usual waking-up time to jogging in the morning before you begin your day. It can also be just starting your day by telling yourself in front of your bathroom mirror, “Today is a wonderful day.” These little actions make you realize that life can be different and you don’t always have to feel like your life is at a dead-end. You become aware you are in control of how you begin your day and how you end your day. You will notice your day is going by smoothly and that is because you made changes in your lifestyle to increase your motivation.

Making short-term goals and long-term goals also enhance your motivation. If you have some sense of achievement in a day-by-day basis, you feel you have a greater meaning to life. For example, you can tell every customers at the end of the sale, “Thank you for your time and have a beautiful day.” It can also be scheduling to clean your room every Friday. Or it can also be saying “Good Morning” to any strangers you encounter. By accomplishing these short-term goals, you will feel you can accomplish tasks and understand your capacity to do things. This is important because it demonstrates to yourself what tasks you are able to handle and the amount of time requires to complete them. As you start to achieve these short-term goals, you will soon realize you want a bigger accomplishment in your life to show yourself how great and successful you can be. That is where the long-term goal comes in. Long-term goals require a strong dedication and time to get there. Thus, if you make these goals, you will feel that you have to keep pushing yourself to get there. As you pursuit, you will realize sitting your butt all day and crying under your sheets will not get you there. As you thrive and push to get to that goal, you will soon realize what motivation you have since the last time you felt life is going nowhere. Even if you are not there yet or unable to achieve the long-term goal, it is okay. As you look back at what you did, you will feel great about yourself. You will see the how you went through obstacles and how you build your motivation in the process. So at the end, it is a win-win situation. But be aware, short-term and long-term goals work together and cannot be separated, otherwise, the effectiveness might be prolonged or might not even help your motivation.

Lastly, planning your day using a daily planner/organizer will help build motivation. If you don’t plan your days, how else will you know where and what you are doing in life? You can’t just go by each day without knowing some scheduling of your days. It will be as if you walk into a corn maze without using a map and expect to get out. You are definitely going to be lost and be mislead that life has no definite meaning. Well, by planning your day accordingly, not only do you get to control when and what you do each day, you allow yourself to see how busy you are and the importance of your life. By acknowledging you have stuff to do, it motivates you to push harder. It is the repetitive daily activities that lowers people’s motivation. If you recognize that you repeat the same activities, you will definitely change it, and you can live your life differently. So, managing your lifestyle through utilizing daily planner/organizer will definitely get your life going.

So now I put it out there, have I convinced you that lifestyle dictates your motivation?


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