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College Students Not Applicable in the Job Market

College students

Most college students are working their fullest to pass their classes with decent grades hoping their education will lead to them a professional job. With a college degree, students will appear applicable in the job market because they have a solid background in the field and excellent writing and communication skills. However, a majority of them struggle to get that after they get their bachelor’s degree.

The number one reason most students fail to get a job while attending college is no work experience. Transitioning from high school to college, they really have no experience besides being a student. Thus, their resumes are pretty much empty and have no references to rely on. The possibility of getting a job is pretty close to zero. Besides that, most companies or campuses do not hire freshmen or sophomores because they believe they don’t have a strong foundation and lacking work experience.

Another reason is that students cannot simultaneously juggle work and coursework. Students believe the commitment from both sides will drain their stamina, so they will perform poorly in work and school. Others believe juggling two tasks would cause them to lose their focus resulting to academic probation or dropping out. Some students dislike the pressure from both sides, and the discomfort will affect their health and motivation. For these reasons, many decide it is best to pursuit education first and deal with work experience later.

Time is another significant part of why students fail to get a job. Most students have to attend classes throughout the day. Most companies want applicants to be flexible and work around morning time to late afternoon. Even if students schedule to have some extra time between classes, chances are they only have one or two days free. The time availability just doesn’t work out. Also, most students have to take 5-6 courses and complete homework and projects. These priorities require a great amount of time, so there’s just no extra time to think about job searching.

Students dedicate their time in education to earn their way to a profession. For the vast majority, their dreams are crushed and are compelled to search endlessly for a job in order to survive in the real world.


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