Love the Way You Lie

Lie.I love the way people lie. I think it is one of the greatest characteristics people have and most don’t admit it. We all lie for different reasons and it is quite amazing how we lie consciously and subconsciously. Sure, you might say to yourself that you don’t lie or you don’t lie as much. But don’t get me wrong. Lying is not a bad or a good thing. I lie all the time. It is not as bad as people seem to be.

We lie to protect our love ones. We don’t tell them what really goes on with our lives to prevent them getting too worried about our lives. They already have too many problems to deal with. Adding ours would only add more burden. We lie to them, so we don’t rob them from their happiness. If we can avoid explaining about our downfalls and see them smile, we don’t mind lying. The end result is bigger if we commit the lie, thus, we rather pick that tough road.

We lie to hide our true self. We don’t have to make an impression just to show how we are. Sometimes, we don’t need the recognition or expect something in return. We do things for others because we care for them. People can figure out on their own for the good things we do for them. Besides, when they find it out, they would appreciate us even more.

We lie to make other’s smile. Most of us would smile and laugh when one of our favorite nephews performs the sliding thumb trick. Sure, we already know how the trick is done and probably seen it for the hundredth time. But we choose to lie to show how much we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts done by another person. Life is not always about figuring out the truth. It is what you do with it is the most important. If we are able to lie and doing so would give a sense of  joy for another person, why not lie about it? It doesn’t hurt anyone.

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  1. #1 by squiznit on November 26, 2011 - 10:58 pm

    I agree, I love the way people lie and being able to notice is even better. I’m in love with the show Lie to me and so I looked up different ways to tell if people are lying, as well as hints from the movie..
    good post

  2. #2 by shoes on December 24, 2011 - 8:01 am

    Very thought provoking post. The lie is an interesting thing that we do everyday for so many reasons. I find myself practically tripping over them during Christmas time to hide Santa’s secret from my two boys.

  3. #3 by Yudy Yunardy on October 29, 2012 - 3:54 am

    Your blog is a lie! Umm.. that’s a compliment actually. Hahaha… I like the way you contain the ‘lie’ within everyday little things and not wandering into politics or working environment, where lies could have such undesirable impacts. That way, it’s light and fun to read more importantly avoid endless debate… Somehow it reminds me the movie The Invention of Lying by Ricky Gervais.

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