Leave Me Alone! I’ll Eat Whatever You Want!

I love food. Period. Literally. There is nothing better than food. As living organisms, we must eat to survive. But for me, I am a living organism who eats because I love food. Food is like a magical fuel that just makes me crave for more after I’m stuffed. Because of my strong affection for food, I careless if others judge me when I eat. I have a carefree-and-careless do whatever I want attitude, so people don’t dare to judge me. Plus, the fact that I have studied Nutrition at a university, people who know me wouldn’t dare to challenge me on what’s good and not good for me. If some stranger is brave enough to step it and judge me, I promise they are going feel very sad afterwards. But most people aren’t like me. I can defend the way I eat because of my educational background and dominant personality. Most people today are afraid to eat. Why is that?


Image by Claudia Wolf.

Obviously, it is afraid of being FAT! That is ridiculous! Under eating is just as bad as over eating. Key point is moderate. NO! That doesn’t work. Besides, what does that even mean? It holds no significant value to anyone. I don’t believe it. Do you? People love hearing and using that word to avoid exposing the truth that they really don’t know what they are doing. People hear it from the news or they hear some nutrition professionals say it, so people use it. Somehow, it becomes a trend. First of all, to get fat, it’s a long-term process, so really, the short-run highly influences the future outcomes. So, eat whatever you want and don’t worry getting fat. However, people need to understand consistent eating foods containing high saturated fat and trans fat, unhealthy diets such as chocolate bars and cookies everyday, lacking foods containing high fiber and vitamins, and exceeding caloric intake per day (depending on the individual) overtime leads to being fat. It is not eat one fatty meal and you immediately gain 20 lbs. That reality will not happen. Each time I hear someone say that they won’t eat because they don’t want to be fat, it drives me nuts. Eat whatever you want. But do understand and do control your diet. Balance is the key point. Eating is one of the major ways to obtaining essential nutrients necessary for cell growth, tissue repair, and reduce chances of getting disease. Eat! Fat is the least of your problems.

Stress when eating.

Image by Jesse Frohman

Another reason is peer pressure. I’ve witnessed this each time I’m at a party or potluck. People have this dark shadow surrounding and telling them not to eat the way they usually eat. This dark shadow tells them to reduce selecting the amount of food desired and select what others are putting on their plates. This sounds so ridiculous, yet it is the truth. It is the fear of being point-out among the crowd that they eat too much and feeling embarrassed afterwards. Even if deep inside they love that juice, savory, prime rib, they choose to take only a thin slice or not even taken any and walk away with a broken heart. Not only that, people have this mentality that their friends are judging them according to how they eat. What is funny to me is that no one is even judging and the worst part is everyone in the room is thinking the same way. This is just ridiculous to me. Eat what you want, not what others want. You live your life. Decide for yourself.

I know there are probably more reasons why people don’t eat. You might even disagree with what I just said. It is important that you are in control of your own choices and don’t let others suppress your freedom to eat food. Food is fabulous and should be comforting. If next time someone makes you feel that you shouldn’t eat, screw it. Step it up and eat what you want!

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