Love the Way You Lie

Lie.I love the way people lie. I think it is one of the greatest characteristics people have and most don’t admit it. We all lie for different reasons and it is quite amazing how we lie consciously and subconsciously. Sure, you might say to yourself that you don’t lie or you don’t lie as much. But don’t get me wrong. Lying is not a bad or a good thing. I lie all the time. It is not as bad as people seem to be.

We lie to protect our love ones. We don’t tell them what really goes on with our lives to prevent them getting too worried about our lives. They already have too many problems to deal with. Adding ours would only add more burden. We lie to them, so we don’t rob them from their happiness. If we can avoid explaining about our downfalls and see them smile, we don’t mind lying. The end result is bigger if we commit the lie, thus, we rather pick that tough road.

We lie to hide our true self. We don’t have to make an impression just to show how we are. Sometimes, we don’t need the recognition or expect something in return. We do things for others because we care for them. People can figure out on their own for the good things we do for them. Besides, when they find it out, they would appreciate us even more.

We lie to make other’s smile. Most of us would smile and laugh when one of our favorite nephews performs the sliding thumb trick. Sure, we already know how the trick is done and probably seen it for the hundredth time. But we choose to lie to show how much we acknowledge and appreciate the efforts done by another person. Life is not always about figuring out the truth. It is what you do with it is the most important. If we are able to lie and doing so would give a sense of  joy for another person, why not lie about it? It doesn’t hurt anyone.

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Leave Me Alone! I’ll Eat Whatever You Want!

I love food. Period. Literally. There is nothing better than food. As living organisms, we must eat to survive. But for me, I am a living organism who eats because I love food. Food is like a magical fuel that just makes me crave for more after I’m stuffed. Because of my strong affection for food, I careless if others judge me when I eat. I have a carefree-and-careless do whatever I want attitude, so people don’t dare to judge me. Plus, the fact that I have studied Nutrition at a university, people who know me wouldn’t dare to challenge me on what’s good and not good for me. If some stranger is brave enough to step it and judge me, I promise they are going feel very sad afterwards. But most people aren’t like me. I can defend the way I eat because of my educational background and dominant personality. Most people today are afraid to eat. Why is that?


Image by Claudia Wolf.

Obviously, it is afraid of being FAT! That is ridiculous! Under eating is just as bad as over eating. Key point is moderate. NO! That doesn’t work. Besides, what does that even mean? It holds no significant value to anyone. I don’t believe it. Do you? People love hearing and using that word to avoid exposing the truth that they really don’t know what they are doing. People hear it from the news or they hear some nutrition professionals say it, so people use it. Somehow, it becomes a trend. First of all, to get fat, it’s a long-term process, so really, the short-run highly influences the future outcomes. So, eat whatever you want and don’t worry getting fat. However, people need to understand consistent eating foods containing high saturated fat and trans fat, unhealthy diets such as chocolate bars and cookies everyday, lacking foods containing high fiber and vitamins, and exceeding caloric intake per day (depending on the individual) overtime leads to being fat. It is not eat one fatty meal and you immediately gain 20 lbs. That reality will not happen. Each time I hear someone say that they won’t eat because they don’t want to be fat, it drives me nuts. Eat whatever you want. But do understand and do control your diet. Balance is the key point. Eating is one of the major ways to obtaining essential nutrients necessary for cell growth, tissue repair, and reduce chances of getting disease. Eat! Fat is the least of your problems.

Stress when eating.

Image by Jesse Frohman

Another reason is peer pressure. I’ve witnessed this each time I’m at a party or potluck. People have this dark shadow surrounding and telling them not to eat the way they usually eat. This dark shadow tells them to reduce selecting the amount of food desired and select what others are putting on their plates. This sounds so ridiculous, yet it is the truth. It is the fear of being point-out among the crowd that they eat too much and feeling embarrassed afterwards. Even if deep inside they love that juice, savory, prime rib, they choose to take only a thin slice or not even taken any and walk away with a broken heart. Not only that, people have this mentality that their friends are judging them according to how they eat. What is funny to me is that no one is even judging and the worst part is everyone in the room is thinking the same way. This is just ridiculous to me. Eat what you want, not what others want. You live your life. Decide for yourself.

I know there are probably more reasons why people don’t eat. You might even disagree with what I just said. It is important that you are in control of your own choices and don’t let others suppress your freedom to eat food. Food is fabulous and should be comforting. If next time someone makes you feel that you shouldn’t eat, screw it. Step it up and eat what you want!

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Going All the Way

Deciding on the choice.In our everyday lives, we make choices. Some we regret we never did it and some we love to tell about. But the issue with today’s society is not deciding what to. It is making a choice and sticking with it. Let’s not lie to ourselves. We are so eager at first but as we move forward, we drift off and end up making another choice and we go for that one instead.

It is very important to make a decision and go all the way until the very end. You will never know what that path will unravel and how many doors will open up. I will admit that sticking with a decision and continuing on with it is a very tough ride. But think about how rewarding it will be and when you get there, you can tell yourself how proud you are. Many of us have a strong tendency to contemplate about all the possible scenarios before even starting with a choice. All the “if this happen…”,  “what if this happens…”, and “so if i do this…,” are so pointless and it’s all in your head. Don’t psyche yourself out. Nothing gets done if it is all in your head. Nobody knows. You don’t know. So, decide, commit, and live through the experience. Don’t be afraid of the outcome. Take the hits and the ups and downs. It’s all part of the learning process. Stick to the facts. Subjectivity will get you nowhere unless you apply to it.

Think of it as taking a math test. You think you know it, but all you do is think about all the possible numbers, variables, and formula to plug and chug. Just write it all down and figure it out. Now you know and you go at it again. Even though it is wrong, it feels good that you made an attempt. Of course, being right is great, too. But you’re in motion once you commit to the choice. It’s that motion that thrives your curiosity and motivation. That is also how you develop skills and knowledge. The motion induces your craving for possibility and achievement. The more you desire, the more hungrier you get. The end result is definitely worth it.

Making a choice and going all the way is an art. You can start on a piece and walk away. It becomes unfinished and distracting. It is ugly and your dedication is a waste of time. Nobody appreciates it. You don’t appreciate it. You have stopped your movement and nobody can be part of it. But if you finish the piece, people will acknowledge it. Your expression has been achieved. You can now say you are an artist.

Think about it, the Earth itself rotates in one direction. It doesn’t stop. Whatever is happening in Earth is the direct result of that motion. Most likely living organisms will die in the near future due to lack of resources, overpopulation, and food shortage. But it won’t know until it gets there. The possibility of some spontaneous events might occur on reproducing the resources such as scientific technologies and spontaneous combustion like another Big Bang. Who knows. Well, the Earth rotates and it will eventually know when it gets there.

So, you should do the same. Decide and go all the way.

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Why WordPress?

I will dedicate today’s post on explaining to you all why I post in WordPress. It is important my readers acknowledge the reasons behind it, so my readers have some sort of understanding why I write the way I do. I blog for two reasons. No, not three or five. Two. I understand it’s an awkward number given how it is between numbers one and three and it’s the first sucker behind number one. But, yes, two reasons.


Image by Molly Norris

I dislike writing since the day I learned English. The rules are so melodramatic and absurd to the extend that I never was able to grasp it. Many talented individuals have advised me the more I write, the more I will improve.  I decided to submit to this ideology and experiment on it. When I approached WordPress and I read a post by Mostly Bright Ideas called “Pressed for Time,” I read the numerous responses on his piece, and I knew blogging would be the best tool to determine how well I write. I decided to evaluate my performance based on the following criteria: how often I post, the number of comments, subscribers, followers, and number of Freshly Pressed.

The second reason is encouraging readers to think critically. Many of us have a strong tendency to read and not critically think or respond to it. The ability to comment on posts allow readers the chance to respond and let their voices heard about certain ideas/topics. It also allows everyone to see that people from all over the world might have similar views or different views based on life experiences and cultural background.

Now that you know my reasons for blogging, why do you post on WordPress?

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I Am Not Different

“Being different is not a bad thing at all.”

“Being different is not a bad thing at all.” - Round & Rectangular

As I progress to adulthood, I always knew I was different. I have no physical or mental disability. I am capable of performing everyday activity without any assistance. I have friends, a social life, and pursing a career. But still, I know I am different.

People might see a beautiful, light, blue sky filled with puffy clouds with different shapes. I see it as the almighty Zeus hiding somewhere behind the heavy clouds watching his creations at its work. My friends chit-chat non-stop about things happening in school and gossip about people and latest trends. I rather zone out and imagine being a photographer and traveling across the world just to get an extraordinary picture to put into my collage. But again, I know I am different.

I do question if it is because I don’t follow the norms. But then again, what is normal nowadays? Norms change all the time. One day it is considered wrong and unjustified. Next day, it’s the biggest trend. So I thought I might be unique. I act and think differently because I have a different perspective and think critically. But doesn’t everyone feel that way? But then again, I know I am different.

We are humans and the only existing living species classified in the Homo genus. How are we so different?

I have dwelt in this thought for quite some time. Quite mind-boggling like figuring out the algorithm to rotating the same colors on all sides of a Rubik’s cube. Just couple days ago, somehow and somewhere, it just hit me and I found the answer.

I am myself and there’s just no one that is I. There is only one of me and one of you. You can’t be me because there’s only one of me in this world and same for you. There are no copies of me. No copies of you. I am myself and you are yourself. If there is a replication of me, it is then can I compare and determine if I am different and the logic applies for you too. I can’t be different then because there is only one of me and only one of you. It can’t be compared, thus, you and I are not different.

I am not different. I am myself, the one and only kind.

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College Students Not Applicable in the Job Market

College students

Most college students are working their fullest to pass their classes with decent grades hoping their education will lead to them a professional job. With a college degree, students will appear applicable in the job market because they have a solid background in the field and excellent writing and communication skills. However, a majority of them struggle to get that after they get their bachelor’s degree.

The number one reason most students fail to get a job while attending college is no work experience. Transitioning from high school to college, they really have no experience besides being a student. Thus, their resumes are pretty much empty and have no references to rely on. The possibility of getting a job is pretty close to zero. Besides that, most companies or campuses do not hire freshmen or sophomores because they believe they don’t have a strong foundation and lacking work experience.

Another reason is that students cannot simultaneously juggle work and coursework. Students believe the commitment from both sides will drain their stamina, so they will perform poorly in work and school. Others believe juggling two tasks would cause them to lose their focus resulting to academic probation or dropping out. Some students dislike the pressure from both sides, and the discomfort will affect their health and motivation. For these reasons, many decide it is best to pursuit education first and deal with work experience later.

Time is another significant part of why students fail to get a job. Most students have to attend classes throughout the day. Most companies want applicants to be flexible and work around morning time to late afternoon. Even if students schedule to have some extra time between classes, chances are they only have one or two days free. The time availability just doesn’t work out. Also, most students have to take 5-6 courses and complete homework and projects. These priorities require a great amount of time, so there’s just no extra time to think about job searching.

Students dedicate their time in education to earn their way to a profession. For the vast majority, their dreams are crushed and are compelled to search endlessly for a job in order to survive in the real world.

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Lifestyle Dictates Your Motivation

Motivation lifestyle changes.Have you ever waken up in the morning knowing your life is going to be the same like yesterday? It is as if you already know how your life is going to be without even starting your day. Well, this is probably due to your motivation.

Motivation is defined as the willingness to do something and reasons why a behavior is acted in a certain way. Notice the key words here: willingness, reasons, and behavior. To be willing to do something, you must have a strong reason to act upon it and your behavior dictates it. Thus, in order to boost-up your motivation, you have to work within these boundaries.

You can’t change time since time is uncontrollable. Changing your occupation requires a big change and causes you to become unemployment which really goes nowhere. Buying materialistic items don’t really help since it is short-term and only makes you want more. Well, if you haven’t guessed it, it is changing your lifestyle.

Your lifestyle dictates your motivation in life. It is how you decide and how you direct yourself to live that helps you get that motivation. It sounds ridiculous, but it is not. Here is why.

By changing just small aspects of your life, you will feel life is a bit different. It can be from waking up 10 minutes earlier than your usual waking-up time to jogging in the morning before you begin your day. It can also be just starting your day by telling yourself in front of your bathroom mirror, “Today is a wonderful day.” These little actions make you realize that life can be different and you don’t always have to feel like your life is at a dead-end. You become aware you are in control of how you begin your day and how you end your day. You will notice your day is going by smoothly and that is because you made changes in your lifestyle to increase your motivation.

Making short-term goals and long-term goals also enhance your motivation. If you have some sense of achievement in a day-by-day basis, you feel you have a greater meaning to life. For example, you can tell every customers at the end of the sale, “Thank you for your time and have a beautiful day.” It can also be scheduling to clean your room every Friday. Or it can also be saying “Good Morning” to any strangers you encounter. By accomplishing these short-term goals, you will feel you can accomplish tasks and understand your capacity to do things. This is important because it demonstrates to yourself what tasks you are able to handle and the amount of time requires to complete them. As you start to achieve these short-term goals, you will soon realize you want a bigger accomplishment in your life to show yourself how great and successful you can be. That is where the long-term goal comes in. Long-term goals require a strong dedication and time to get there. Thus, if you make these goals, you will feel that you have to keep pushing yourself to get there. As you pursuit, you will realize sitting your butt all day and crying under your sheets will not get you there. As you thrive and push to get to that goal, you will soon realize what motivation you have since the last time you felt life is going nowhere. Even if you are not there yet or unable to achieve the long-term goal, it is okay. As you look back at what you did, you will feel great about yourself. You will see the how you went through obstacles and how you build your motivation in the process. So at the end, it is a win-win situation. But be aware, short-term and long-term goals work together and cannot be separated, otherwise, the effectiveness might be prolonged or might not even help your motivation.

Lastly, planning your day using a daily planner/organizer will help build motivation. If you don’t plan your days, how else will you know where and what you are doing in life? You can’t just go by each day without knowing some scheduling of your days. It will be as if you walk into a corn maze without using a map and expect to get out. You are definitely going to be lost and be mislead that life has no definite meaning. Well, by planning your day accordingly, not only do you get to control when and what you do each day, you allow yourself to see how busy you are and the importance of your life. By acknowledging you have stuff to do, it motivates you to push harder. It is the repetitive daily activities that lowers people’s motivation. If you recognize that you repeat the same activities, you will definitely change it, and you can live your life differently. So, managing your lifestyle through utilizing daily planner/organizer will definitely get your life going.

So now I put it out there, have I convinced you that lifestyle dictates your motivation?

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